We intend to further develop our business. The planned investment will allow to increase the capacity of storing loads and improve the technical and operational potential of the OPP quay. It will also help to improve the reloading rates and allow us to work for a larger number of contractors. As a result, the resources will be used more efficiently, and the range of services offered by the company will be extended. There will be a boost in the number and type of cargo handled.

The investment will be divided into two stages.


Stage 1:

  • two-track railway siding with a passable railway scale equipped with loading stations connected by means of belt conveyors with a warehouse
  • an indoor warehouse with a capacity of approximately 42,000 m3 for dry bulk cargoes with lower chute on conveyor belts discharging the cargo onto the wharf for loading on ships

Stage 2

  • three tent halls with a total area of ​​approximately 6,500 m2 for storage of weather-sensitive unitary goods
  • internal roads and passageways
  • social/office building with a parking for employees
  • parking lots for trucks delivering or receiving goods

The detailed design of the planned investment will be carried out in agreement with Port Authority SA.